1/2" Twist Lock Socket Clips - 15 Pack

1/2" Twist Lock Socket Clips - 15 Pack



  • $4.68

1/2" Twist Lock Socket Clips - 15 Pack

Features and Benefits:

  • Twist your sockets into a locked position!
  • Easily add on clips to socket rails
  • Easy to transport
  • Socket clips will adjust to any position on either side of the rail.
  • 96 I.D. stickers included

With a simple twist your sockets are firmly secured in a locked position. Twist in the reverse direction and your sockets are free to remove. The tension is a perfect medium so you do not have to fight with your sockets to lock them into place and you don’t have to worry about them being too loose. Just a simple 1/8 turn and your tools are secured. That’s great news for those of you who need to transport sockets around the shop – wait, isn’t that all of us?
The Dura-Pro Twist Lock clips still provide all the versatility you have come to expect from Ernst, now with “stay put” security. No other socket storage item on the market will provide this amount of options. Add, remove, and insert clips on any portion of the socket rail and on either side to fit your custom set of tools.
Includes 15 1/2" drive socket clips.

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