#27 Sens Safe Hi Temp RTV EACH

#27 Sens Safe Hi Temp RTV EACH



  • $8.36

#27 Sensor Safe Hi Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, 3 Ounce Tube Carded Permatex Sensor-Safe High-Temp Rtv Silicone Gasket Maker Specially Formulated To Meet Specifications For Oxygen-Sensor Equipped Engines. Withstands Shock, High Pressure And Temperatures To 650f (343c) (Oil Pans, Valve Covers). Use Where Superior Temperature Resistance Is Required. Permatex, Made For The Professional. 650f Intermittent. Pressure Resistant. Gasket Maker Or Dressing, Remains Flexible. Resistant To Temperatures And Most Fluids.

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